5 Tips to help you take beautiful jewelry photos from home

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5 Tips to help you take beautiful jewelry photos from home
  1. Find the perfect light. 
Taking beautiful jewelry photos at home is all about finding the perfect light. Whether it's natural sunlight or artificial light, make sure your jewelry is well-lit so that it sparkles in your photos. If you don't have your own lighting kit, simply set up your jewelry near a window with indirect sunlight or use a lamp with a white bulb. With the right light, you'll be able to take stunning photos of your favorite pieces that will look great on social media or in an online shop.  
  1. Use a simple background. 
Your focus should be on the jewelry, not the background. A white or neutral background will make your jewelry the star of the show. A plain white wall or sheet works well, but you can also get creative with other solid-colored backdrops like fabric or paper. If you have some fun props lying around, feel free to experiment! Just make sure they don't take away from the main subject of your photo.   
  1. Get close to your subject matter. 
Use a macro lens if you have one available, or simply get in close to your jewelry so that it fills up most of the frame. Get close enough to your jewelry so that you can see all the details and sparkles. This will help ensure that every detail is captured in sharp focus. (Remember to jot down any keywords or descriptions that come to mind as you look at each piece of jewelry, so you can remember what made it special when writing captions later on.)  
  1. Play with angles. 
Try taking photos from different angles to add interest and dimension to your shots. Get creative with the angles you use. Get low for an unexpected POV, or photograph your jewelry from the side or top down. The key is to experiment and have fun!  
  1. Invest in some quality photography tools. 
Even if you're just using your smartphone camera , there are tons of great apps and accessories that can help improve the quality of your photos.
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