LeoDaniels Jewelry-Buying Guide for the Holidays

Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us in all its festivity, fanfare and gift-giving glory! Whether the occasion is indeed the holidays, or whether you are gift-hunting for a birthday, an anniversary, a push present or you just want to say ‘I love you,’ the search for the perfect present is real. You want something ideal for the occasion, ideal for the sentiment and, most of all, ideal for her. We all know that fantastic jewelry is a no-lose gift -- but which jewelry to choose? 

No need to stress! Here to simplify the process is an ultra-easy gift-buying guide to help you choose the perfect piece for the jewelry lover in your life. We’ve divided the most important gift shopping considerations into three quick sections: Who your gift is intended for, pricing factors (by material and jewelry type) and your lady’s personal style.  

In this blog, we cover:

  • Guidelines for how to buy for different people in your life  
  • Shopping by price and material
  • Shopping by style 

Who Are You Buying For?

First, you may want to consider some general guidelines regarding who you’re buying for. Are you shopping for a friend, for a family member, for a girlfriend, or for a fiancee or a wife? Depending on your intended recipient, there are a few general considerations you’ll want to keep in mind.  

Friend or family

Perhaps she has been an important part of your life all these years, and you want to show her how much she means to you. Although love and appreciation cannot, of course, be captured in gifts alone, you will never disappoint with a well-chosen jewel! Diamond studs and colored gemstone stud earrings are a versatile, excellent way to go. You could also opt for simple metal stud earrings or an elegant pendant with your choice of gem. Tennis bracelets are also great go-to’s for beloved friends or family!

Here are two exquisite options:




Unless your intention is engagement, you may want to avoid diamond rings (unless you’re open to the implication!) However, if engagement may indeed be on the horizon, a lovely statement ring could be an excellent choice. Diamond stud earrings are another great option, as are a pair of gorgeous hoop earrings. You also can’t go wrong with a simple diamond or gemstone pendant.

Here are two lovely LeoDaniels pieces to consider for your special lady:



Fiancee or Wife

When it comes to a fiancee or a wife, the sky's the limit. For all she does for you, you want to give her something she will wear and treasure for generations. Rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, everything and anything is fair game -- it all comes down to knowing your lady’s lifestyle and style preferences (and don’t be afraid to ask!)

Check out these showstoppers:



Shopping by Price and Material  

Signature pieces  

Let’s start with an extra-fancy option. Signature jewelry pieces are top-of-the-line creations specially designed by an in-house artisan that represent the integrity and aesthetic philosophy of a jewellery retailer.  Signature jewelry is one-of-a-kind and, since each gemstone was selected for quality, cut and color, it is impossible to replicate due to the uniqueness and scarcity of each stone. You can find signature jewelry in a wide range of styles, from classic designs to luxury statement pieces. Though signature jewelry is not cheap, those who choose signature want to make a statement and think of it as an investment.

Here are a few LeoDaniels signature pieces:



Metal Types

Metal finishes are another cost and aesthetic consideration when deciding on a piece. Widely considered to be the purest and most durable metal for jewelry, platinum is a precious metal as strong as it is beautiful. Known for its silver-white luster, platinum is as durable and tarnish-resistant as it is lovely.

Gold has stood the test of time as a jewelry favorite and comes in several purity levels. Since pure gold is soft and malleable, it is often mixed with alloys such as copper and silver for added strength and durability. Lower-karat gold -- due to a higher percentage of base metals -- is not as pure but will be stronger and more corrosion-resistant. 24k gold is 100% gold with almost no base metals; 18 karat gold is 75% gold with 25% alloy metals; 14 karat gold is 58.3% gold; and 10 karat gold is 41.7% gold.

White gold looks nearly identical to platinum and offers a less-expensive but still stunning metal finish. The only difference between white gold and platinum is the fact that platinum is alloyed with stronger metals than white gold, so it does offer greater durability and scratch-resistance. White gold has become an extremely popular option among modern jewelry lovers.

Sterling silver offers a beautiful and strong metal option for ladies who love silver. Since pure silver is, like gold, very soft and malleable, it is likewise more susceptible to damage. Jewelers can thus combine it with other alloys to make it harder and more long-lasting -- which results in sterling silver. This fortified metal type is comprised of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Sterling silver thus offers a less expensive, beautiful, sturdier and more durable option.

Rose Gold has become all the rage among jewelry lovers. This metal type consists of pure gold alloyed with copper to produce the rose-tinted coloration. Rose gold is also considered to be an exceptionally romantic metal due to its pinkish hue.       

Stone Types

Another factor for consideration is stone type. Whether you’re leaning toward a classic choice such as diamonds or whether you’re interested in exploring the stunning spectrum of gemstones, it all comes down to style preference and price.


Diamonds are always in style and can be purchased in a variety of cuts, sizes, styles and quality grades. You can purchase a large diamond or opt for a smaller diamond that may appear larger due to its cut. 




Semi-precious gemstones are generally less expensive than diamonds but can be every bit as dazzling, especially for ladies who love a pop of color. You can choose gemstone jewelry based on color, or you can personalize it based on birthstone month or anniversary (many gemstones represent specific anniversary years).

Here are some great LeoDaniels gemstone pieces:  



Shopping By Style

Style is, of course, another crucial consideration: In general, what is your lady’s personal style? Is she a classic kind of girl, or is she more of a fashion risk-taker? Does she like to keep things current with smokin’ jewelry trends? Perhaps she is a ‘go big or go home’ kind of gal when it comes to sparkle?  

Let’s look at a few general style profiles to help narrow down the possibilities.   


Perhaps yours is a lady of refined tastes along the lines of an Audrey Hepburn or a Grace Kelly. This Miss keeps things chic and simple: She appreciates well-chosen style staples that never become passé, remaining ever-elegant in timeless, versatile pieces she can pair with ensembles both dressy and casual.  

Classic jewelry is known for its versatility. It can be worn to work, to an interview, to a gala, out to dinner or just about anywhere. It can be worn with an elaborate gown or just to fancy up a turtleneck and jeans.

As far as classic jewelry goes, diamonds are, of course, quintessential. Great gift ideas for this ever-chic lady might be diamond stud earrings, gorgeous tennis bracelets or perhaps a lovely diamond and/or gemstone-accented pendant.  

Some timeless LeoDaniels classics include:





This lady loves what’s hot right now. She knows where and how to find the hippest and hawtest accessories, and she always looks fabulous. You can wow the trendy gal in your life with a number of gorgeous options in a variety of price ranges.

Diamonds aren’t the only gems setting the jewelry market on fire: Your trendy gal is likely well aware that, right now, the world is turning on to the beauty of gemstones. Not only are gemstones gorgeous, they can be found in any color of the rainbow and can even add personal meaning via birthstone or anniversary jewelry. Morganite is one such gemstone setting the jewelry world ablaze; alternative metal trends like rose gold are also scorching hot.

Check out the links below for some beautiful, on-trend gemstone jewelry.



This lady is not afraid to take fashion risks. She marches to the beat of her own inner style sense and expresses herself through fashion. For her, you may want to select something with as much personality and character as she has.

Statement jewelry is a great way to go when shopping for the fashion risk-taker in your life. Check out some of our most daring pieces:




Big Blingin’

Triple the sparkle, please! This lady loves her bling, and she loves it large and in charge. She (and her fashion!) is the center of every party she goes to, and she wears her jewels loud and proud! Luckily, you can find standout styles in a wide range of prices.

Check out some of our biggest blingin’ jewelry styles for your sparkle queen:  



Jewelry Gift-Shopping: In Conclusion

The bottom line is that jewelry is meant to be fun and, in the best cases, meaningful too. It has been treasured as a token of love and beauty for millenia. Jewelry is a powerful confidence booster and an extension of the wearer’s personality, and it can be cherished and passed along to posterity for generations to come. Whatever your ultimate gift choice, your loved one is sure to appreciate the thought and effort you put into selecting such a special gift -- now get out there and dazzle her! 


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