Mother's Day

In the upside-down, chaotic world of mom, she celebrates milestones constantly. New mom celebrated her first  “I-made-it-through-the-day-without-crying” achievement yesterday. Last Wednesday, juggling/trying-keep-it-together mom (AKA: mom of 4) had only 2 glasses of wine once she got the kids into bed (extra points for bathing them!) No matter what stage a mom finds herself in, she deserves to be recognized. This Mother's Day, show mom you appreciate all those days that she held it together when she felt like falling apart. 

Here are a few suggestions for stage-appropriate gifts:

New Mom:

These moms are just learning the ropes of momhood.  A new mom appreciates a more simple and durable piece of jewelry that won’t get damaged when she conks out in it. She needs a piece of jewelry that can be worn everyday to add a little pizzazz to the spit-up clad t-shirt that, either she hasn’t had time to change in 2 days, or is the only one that still fits her.


Carpool Mom:

This mom is basically just an ATM, chauffeur, and chef all in 1. She has less than no time to coordinate her jewelry to her outfit and would appreciate something that goes with everything to avoid embarrassing her children (LESS!) in front of their friends.



Mom of Teenagers:

A mom of teens is a seasoned mom. She’s gotten the hang of things (is that even possible??) and has a little more time (out of the negative zone!) to herself. This mom would appreciate a more  unique piece of jewelry that she’d be excited to wear out to dinner or to a party.



Grandma’s deserve it all. They made it through the temper-tantrum, endless days of child-rearing without killing themselves or anyone else around them. They are the open-hearted, endless sounding boards for their families. They are always present to hug and spoil their grandchildren. They appreciate more timeless styles.


Just remember: you can never go wrong with any gift. The important part is recognizing the woman who’s been there through it all--and who will be there till the end.

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