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  • Everything You Need To Know About Diamonds

    Diamond Certification A Diamond Certification is a comprehensive evaluation of a diamond’s quality issued and produced by an accredited independent gemological laboratory. A Diamond Certificate attests that the quality of the evaluated diamond is accurately reflected in the report. The certificate's grading system is based on the 4 C’s of...
  • Oscars 2018: Get that look at LeoDaniels

    If you watched the 2018 Oscars this past Sunday, then not only do you know that The Shape of Water won the best picture; you are probably guilty (like me!) of meticulously observing the gorgeous gowns and flawless accessories everyone rocked at this 90th annual academy awards ceremony! Dangle diamond...
  • How to Buy an Engagement Ring to Impress Her: The Complete Guide

    Are you excited about tying the knot, but anxious about picking the ring?
    Choosing the right engagement ring can feel like an immense task, but there’s no reason to get bogged down. No matter the size and cost, what your beloved future fiancé really wants from her hubby is a ring that matches her style & that she’ll never want to take off.
    Get the best tips from our practical step-by-step engagement ring buying guide. Find out which engagement ring you should get & learn all the tricks of the trade, from budgeting to picking a style that matches your soulmate’s lifestyle!
    unique engagement ring fashion trends 2018
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  • Latest Engagement Ring Trends: Top Most Popular Styles of 2017

    The engagement ring is not just a token of good faith, but also a fashion and style statement of the wearer. Everyone lusts for a timeless piece of jewelry to dazzle their loved ones or keep as a family heirloom, and why not do it in style?

    In this guide, let's explore the most current & hottest engagement ring trends of 2017 that you need to know, when choosing your own little treasure! 

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  • Latest Men’s Watches Trends: Most Popular Styles to Try in 2017

    Wristwatches are the only thing men can wear everyday and never go out of style.

    As tech starts becoming a bigger role in your life, wearing a watch can fall in second. Luckily, there are still men who appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of an exquisite timepiece and are interested in the latest trending styles in fashion!

    For you, we narrowed down the best trends in men’s watches for 2017 to try right now. Let’s dive right into it and discuss this year’s newest, most current wristwatches designer trends, from the hottest trendsetting styles, colors and brands to what celebrities are making popular in 2017!

    Strap yourself in for some of the nicest watches for men, from high end, luxury  watches to affordable models. Half the fun is finding the perfect one. Enjoy the hunt!

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