Two-Step Diamond-Buying Guide For Dummies

It’s time for some fresh fire. Perhaps you’ve finally found the perfect Netflix-and-chill life mate, and you’ve got an important question to pop. Perhaps, on the other hand, you’re looking for some fresh sparkle to electrify your style; you may even be on the lookout for a timeless token for a loved one. Regardless, you’ve likely gotten some research under your belt and have maybe even memorized the all-important (and rightly so!) 4C’s of diamonds (we've even expanded this to 7C'sThere is a lot of information available -- a lot -- and we get that diamond-shopping can seem like a minor migraine at first glance.  

We’ve got some great news for you, fellow diamond hunters and huntresses. Shopping for a diamond is much simpler than it seems. We at LeoDaniels are here to break it down to make choosing the right diamond a not only easy, but enjoyable process.   

To simplify the struggle, we offer you a quick two-step buying guide to help you choose the perfect diamond for yourself or for that special someone. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

1. What is your budget?

This step is straightforward. Like so many things in life, budget is the first question you’ll want to consider. Start by setting your budget parameters to focus in on the diamonds in your specific price range.

As far as deciding on a budget for an engagement ring, the traditional U.S. engagement ring spending standard is 2-3 months salary, while the U.K. standard is one month’s salary; Japan takes the spending cake at three months’ salary. However, times are ever-changing, so by all means set your own standard. After all, no one knows your budget capabilities better than you do.

Once you’ve set your budget, we can move on to the second consideration.

2. Quality or size?

What is more important to you: size, or sparkle? The immediate answer for many might be “The bigger the bling, the better.” While we understand the appeal, we encourage you to wait one diamond-mining minute before committing to a big-bling purchase!   

As far as a diamond’s beauty and appearance goes, the cut (of the diamond) is crucial. A diamond’s cut is going to influence its brightness (reflected light), its fire (colored prismatic light reflection) and its scintillation (sparkle in motion). A good cut can work to the advantage of a smaller budget, because an expertly-cut diamond can appear larger than its actual size. Here at LeoDaniels, we strongly recommend you consider cut over carat weight and size for the highest-quality diamond possible in your price range.   

There you have it. You are now armed and ready to significantly narrow and focus your diamond-buying search in two simple but important steps. We hope this simplifies the process for you and helps you to choose the highest-quality diamond for your needs and for your price range.

Happy diamond hunting!

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