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Striking or Simple Hoops?

When picking out the perfect complimentary jewelry for an outfit, lovers of luxury must make the decision between wearing statement or simple hoop earrings. Both types have their own place in your jewelry box for different occasions. Here at LeoDaniels, we offer multiple options for sterling silver hoop earrings. Whether you are in the market for a new pair of statement earrings or you want to try out a more minimal look, we encourage you to browse our website to find which of our dazzling options would be best for your individual style.

For the Bold Type

Statement earrings have circled the trend cycles since the mid to late '30s. The iconic earrings have made resurgences in the '70s and have been spotted at more recent fashion shows, as well. Sterling silver hoops are oftentimes at the center of this trend, as they are incredibly versatile in nature. Larger and more intricate sterling silver hoops show confidence, frame the face, and give energy to otherwise simple outfits. Putting your hair back while wearing a pair of statement hoops allows your elegant earrings to take center stage.

Subtle and Sophisticated

Smaller, simpler earrings can work in almost any setting. Small sterling silver hoop earrings can be paired with any outfit to bring a subtle delicacy to your look. Work, family gatherings, or more formal events are all perfect places to sport a pair of small sterling silver hoop earrings. Make no mistake, just because earrings are smaller doesn't mean they can't make a statement in their own right. Smaller earrings can still be creative in their own way. Our designers are playful with both texture and shape to ensure that whether you order big or small earrings from LeoDaniels, you will radiate your one-of-a-kind beauty.

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