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A Coveted Classic

Tennis players made these bracelets popular in the 1970s and with their timeless beauty it's no wonder they've remained a favorite among those who love luxury. We believe everyone deserves to spoil themselves and their loved ones. The best way to do that is to pick out a bracelet that speaks to you, and you are sure to find that among the bracelets offered at LeoDaniels. When you choose from our diamond tennis bracelet women's selection, you receive a combination of high-quality materials, stunning gemstones, and exquisite overall design. We have understated options, as well as more dazzling ones. 

The Perfect Present

A bracelet may be a small piece of jewelry, but it holds a lot of power. The right tennis bracelet, when given as a gift, is the perfect way to tell someone how proud you are of their accomplishments or how deeply you care for them. The gift will be cherished for years to come, and whoever is adorning it will light up every room they walk into.

Not just any bracelet will do. Wearing one of our white gold diamond tennis bracelets makes the statement that you are worthy of the finest things in life. With our 14kt gold paired with diamonds and sapphires, you will feel as expensive as you look. We provide two types of clasps — a secure box clasp and an adjustable slide catch. If you are looking for one with a pop of color, we also offer a white and blue sapphire bracelet in 14kt white gold.

If anything were to happen to your beautiful white gold diamond tennis bracelet, know that we offer a lifetime warranty and will be more than happy to make any repairs. We are here for you and want to help preserve the high quality of your jewelry. Exclusions apply.