Release Date:

Oct 18, 2023

**Extraordinary Auction of Unique Pendant to Benefit United Hatzalah's Life Saving Mission**

Minneapolis, MN. — In a remarkable display of compassion for Israel, LeoDaniels Jewelry has launched an auction to support United Hatzalah, a community-based volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) organization dedicated to delivering rapid responses to medical crises in Israel and beyond. This auction features a one-of-a-kind pendant, serving not only as a work of art but as a symbol of hope and resilience during these challenging times.

The auction is set to make a substantial impact on the lives of those affected by ongoing attacks in Israel. The campaign begins with a minimum bid of $9,000, reflecting the significant value and symbolism embodied by this remarkable pendant.

“This unique pendant was meticulously crafted to commemorate Israel's 75th anniversary, transcending the realm of jewelry to become an embodiment of solidarity.” says Chaim Kutoff, President of LeoDaniels. “The opal doublet and diamond pendant, adorned with 22kt yellow gold, mirrors the shape of Israel, with hues reminiscent of flowing water.” 

Embedded within this masterpiece are deeper connections to Hebrew culture, from the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet to the symbolism of Jerusalem at its heart. It is a true representation of artistry and meaning.

The pendant's bail boasts 12 exquisite diamonds, each representing the 12 tribes of the Jewish nation, while the 18k gold chain adds a final touch of elegance.

All proceeds from this auction will be dedicated to United Hatzalah's mission of providing swift and life-saving medical care to those affected by ongoing attacks. The organization's network of more than 6,500 volunteers, supported by advanced technology and emergency medical vehicles, responds to over 2,000 medical emergencies daily, with an average response time of less than three minutes.

This auction, unlike any other, is an opportunity for individuals and organizations alike to contribute to a life-saving cause. By participating, bidders become a part of a greater movement to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by the ongoing crises.

For more information on the auction and how to participate, please visit www.leodaniels.com/israel.

### About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah has been actively serving the community, particularly in the south of Israel, since the onset of the recent hostilities. The organization urgently needs additional trauma kits and protective vests to save more lives. Every cent raised through this auction will help equip their dedicated volunteers with the tools necessary to provide life-saving care during these challenging times.

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